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 画面上の“津田梅子・有島武郎・BiCo Alum”をクリックすると、2020年春学期日本語上級コースの課題であった、1889年から1892年までブリンマー大学に留学した津田梅子、および、1904年にハバフォード大学にて修士号を取得した有島武郎についての調査レポート動画がご覧いただけます。(“共生・Living Together”というページは準備中です。)


The Japanese Language Program in the Bi-College Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College offers introductory to advanced level Japanese courses.

Students in the Advanced course in the Spring 2020 semester looked into the lives of our notable Japanese alumni, namely Tsuda Umeko (Bryn Mawr, 1889-92) and Arishima Takeo (Haverford, 1904), and completed written reports as well as short videos based on their research. (All the video reports are narrated in Japanese with English subtitles.) Please click “津田梅子・有島武郎・BiCo Alum” at the top to view their works. (“共生・Living Together” is pending.)

Our plan is to repeat the course with two different themes every two years and add more works by students in this website. If you find errors and copyright issues, please contact Tetsuya Sato. Thank you. (The royalty-free image for the background was taken from: https://publicdomainq.net/traditional-japanese-paper-0023062/)

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